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Main project page - This is the main page for the ThumbView project at

Donate - Help motivate me to implement the suggestions and show your appreciation for my hard work. The money is used to cover any development expenses, from eventual hosting to books and courses.

Forum - Post here if you have any questions or whatever.

Bug reports - If you have a bug to report, you can either post it here or e-mail me directly. Note! Make sure you tell me what ThumbView you're using (Lite or regular, together with version number) and exactly what the problem is ("it's not working" is too vague). If some images aren't displaying, send them to me or tell me where I can find them.

Feature requests - If you think you're missing a feature, post it here or e-mail me about it.

CVS - You can check out the latest code here, online.

Developers corner

Thumbnail Viewer .NET 1.1 - A sample application in C#.NET 1.1 that uses a Thumbnail Extractor to generate thumbnails. Check the source code to see how you can use ThumbView in your C# project! The file ExtractionConnector.cs is the p/invoke file you want in your project. Source and binary included.

Thumbnail Viewer .NET 2.0 - A C# .NET 2.0 version of the Thumbnail Viewer sample. It also support dynamic (late) binding to Thumbnail Extractors. Thanks to Sean Kent for this!

Thumbnail Viewer .NET 2.0 ActiveX - The C# .NET 2.0 version of the Thumbnail Viewer sample. It uses the ActiveX component ThumbCtl for the thumbnails, so this sample isn't dependent on any thumnail shell-extensions! If you have ThumbView though it will generate thumbnails for all ThumbView supported imagetypes.

Roadmap - Things to do for ThumbView 1.1 and 2.0. If you're a C++ programmer with experience with COM, feel free to take a look and contact me if you're interested in helping.

Source code - Get the source code for the latest release.

Thumbnail Extractor template - Use this if you wish to write a Thumbnail Extractor to plug into ThumbView. Just fill in the "Todo:"s and compile to a .dll. Then rename it to .tvx and run it.

Modules - A short description of the structure of ThumbView.

Postmortem - What went right, what went wrong and what I would do differently if I had to do this again.

MSDN: Windows 2000 UI Innovations - Enhance Your User's Experience with New Infotip and Icon Overlay Shell Extensions.

MSDN: More Windows 2000 UI Goodies - Extending Explorer Views by Customizing Hypertext Template Files. ThumbView is based on the IcoView project from the downloadable w2kui2.exe in this article.

New Graphical Interface: Enhance Your Programs with New Windows XP Shell Features - An article that goes through some shell extensions for Windows XP. Also has some information on usefull registry keys.



Thanks goes to the whole #gamedev channel on AfterNET, especially muer and Epidemi! Also thanks to bodisiw, Washu, Extrarius, psykr, SteelGolem, Sages, EDI, MaulingMonkey and Asztal. The ATL forum of Tek-Tips and the general programming forum of GameDev. My friend Robban (website) for helping out with this web page and creating the logo. And last but still greatest (and most drunk!) my good friend and soul-brother, DrunkenCoder (website).


These people have been the punching bags for bugs and other nastiness, hail these brave soldiers:
Darko, Viktor Karpinnen, Robert Gergio, Dan Thibadeau, benryves, Lina, and Skelle.


Some people opened their wallets to help ThumbView grow, salutations to:
Aaron Lawrence and Philours, as well as several anonymous donors.

Other people providing test images to test if ThumbView works (or doesn't), hats off to:
DrunkenCoder, jure and Duncan Lock.

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