Here's stuff I'd like to implement but for some reason haven't. E-mails and donations helps me motivate, so if you want any of this or something else.. you know what to do ;)

Details box in Web View

Extending the gray Information (Details?) box in Web View.
I want to have the same Tool Tip info in this gray details box, but I have no idea on how. If you have any tips, please contact me!

Extend Property Sheet

I want to display the same information as in Tool Tips for the Property Sheet for all ThumbView supported image types. I have this MSDN article to read when I have time over. [update]: this was more hassle than I thought, unless there's a huge demand I'll leave this be, Info Tips already gives the wanted information about the file.

Previews in Photo Gallery view

It seems that the program showing the previews isn't built into explorer, nor is it a COM object, it's actually "Microsoft Picture and Fax viewer" (I'll call it MPFV) running in a window. I have currently not found how to extend MPFV with new file types. The only thing I've found is this MSDN article explaining how to replace MPFV. That sounds like allot of work =P but with enough donations I might do it ;)

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